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Kwork for Businesses and Freelancers

Buy affordable freelance services on the go
Explore thousands of professional services for every budget, or post a custom buyer request in the Exchange.
On Kwork, thousands of talented freelancers compete for your business by listing their services in the Marketplace. These services range from Social media marketing from experts, YouTube, Graphic design, websites design, there is certainly many services that meet your business needs.

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Blinks Summarized Books Subscription

Blinks Labs GmbH, commonly known as Blinkist, is a German book-summarizing subscription service based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2012 and has 18 million users as of 2021. The service provides summaries of over 3,000 bestselling non-fiction books, 15-minute reads, otherwise known as Blinks or book-in-blinks.
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Awesome Survey and job site to earn extra income

You can signup for US Lifepoint You can redeem your LifePoints at any time from the LifePoints Rewards Catalog (“LifePoints Catalog”) when your account contains at least 550 LifePoints ($5). The points are easy to accumulate.

Why not join a community of over 5,000,000 members and start collecting LifePoints today – Earn 10 LifePoints just for signing up!
Connect with the LifePoints Community, Contribute by Completing Surveys, and Collect Your Favorite Rewards!

With an over 12k positive rating from TrustPilot LifePoint USA is definitely a great opportunity you don’t wanna miss out on. Check them out below banner!


Survey Junkie – US (Desktop Only)

Users can signup for SurveyJunkie and start earning rewards and cash for their opinions.
Users must be 18+ to apply to Survey Junkie.

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You can also search for jobs online with an Artificial intelligence-powered platform called Lensa where you are paired up with the most relevant job openings and help you find a job where you can fit and excel. It uses sophisticated AI-based machine learning and strong matching to help you build the perfect career. It assesses your professional strengths, resumes, skill sets, and career paths

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You can also work on TargetedCareer, to find endless online and offline jobs description that fit your skills and education. You can search and gain access to thousands of jobs that are posted daily.

Pinecone Surveys
Users can become a member of PineCone Research and have the opportunity to evaluate products before they hit the shelf. Help shape the products you might buy! A user will earn $3 per survey too!

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PineCone Research

Evolve Card

The Evolve card is a store merchandise card that prides its self on the fact that you will not be judged purely on your past credit history. Get you Evolve Account Today for a $1,000 Credit Line!

With the card, members get 24/7 roadside assistance, legal assistance, and daily discount offers.

Applicants must be 18 years old +

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KashKick Gaming

KashKick will pay you to play: Pop Slots, Coin Master, State of Survival, Scrabble Go, Huuuge Casino – Rewards range from $2.50-$24 – The games go up and down and we are always adding to the list but you can use these as examples.

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They are endless opportunities out there, these are just a few I have researched for you

View Jobs and More Opportunities.

Search thousands of jobs and find the best match just for you

Take control of your credit score.

Self Lender offers an accessible and responsible way for consumers to establish payment history and build credit, while saving money, through a credit builder account. It’s a small installment loan, but the money is yours, securitized by a CD.

Self helps you build credit for any stage in your financial journey.

No credit score is needed to get started!

How it works

Build credit while saving money, starting at $25 per month.^1

Apply for a loan that is held by our bank partners.

Your money is secured and protected in a bank account.2

Pay off the loan in 12-24 months^.

You can choose a repayment plan that fits your budget.3

Each payment builds credit history and adds to your savings.

Your payments are reported to all three credit bureaus.4

Get money back at the end after building credit history.

Your paid off loan unlocks and you get the money back, minus fees and interest.

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